Dallas contemporary modern homes come in all shapes and sizes. From Bishop Arts to Knox Henderson and Midway Hollow, there are plenty of neighborhoods where you’ll find contemporary homes for sale in the Dallas Area. However, due to the age of many neighborhoods in the DFW area and the revitalization that has gone on over the years, it can be hard to know what features distinguish a contemporary modern home from the rest. To help, we at Dallas Contemporary Homes have put together a list of the 6 features to look out for when viewing homes for sale.



  1. Strong Geometric Shapes

Contemporary homes share the clean simple lines of the modern home style, but with a fun twist. Contemporary homes often feature strong geometric shapes and asymmetric windows. This style is all about letting go of strict and formal design rules, and it shows!


  1. Open Floor Plan

Like modern homes, contemporary homes have open floor plans with minimal doors and walls. Instead of small rooms, contemporary homes focus on large and bright spaces. In a contemporary modern home, you’ll often find a “great room” that connects the kitchen and dining room with the family room. This creates a large, central gathering space for the family in the heart of the home.


  1. Flexible Layout

Contemporary homes are meant to be forever homes, so the layout is designed to be functional and flexible. Movable partitions, general-purpose rooms, and non-load-bearing walls are all common features in a contemporary home. 


  1. Connection Between Indoors and Outdoors

Contemporary homes are all about connecting the indoors with the outdoors, whether it be through large windows, skylights, or even movable walls. A contemporary home often will have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space. Many Dallas contemporary homes feature a thoughtfully-designed backyard or rooftop deck that can be enjoyed all year long thanks to our mild weather.


  1. Natural and Sustainable Materials

Whether it is bamboo flooring or granite countertops, many contemporary homes use natural materials that are also sustainable. These natural materials add warmth and texture while also being environmentally friendly. 


  1. Sustainable Features

In addition to the natural materials used in construction, contemporary homes often have green heating, air-conditioning, and plumbing systems. Large windows and skylights help light the house to reduce electricity costs. These features are not only great for the environment, but also will reduce your electric costs, making it a win-win for you


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