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As a thriving metropolitan city in North Texas, Dallas is home to over 1.3 million people and is one of the ten most heavily populated cities in the United States. It ranks just below San Antonio and Houston in size, but occupies a prominent position due to being part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

The presence of multiple major highways, railroad lines, and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport—which is one of the biggest and busiest airports—has cemented the city’s reputation as an important transportation hub.

The city is also known for its diversity and great architecture. Its history is reflected in many of its older buildings that were built in the 19th and 20th centuries. Other architectural styles, including modernist, postmodernist, Gothic Revival, Victorian, and Neoclassical, also make their presence felt throughout the city.

Below, we take a closer look at the city’s real estate and housing market,the best times to buy a house in Dallas, themost popular areas for buyers, and how you can simplify your search for a Dallas home:

A Closer Look at the Dallas Housing Market

To put it simply, buyers in the Dallas housing market have seen better days.

Driven by several factors—the largest among them being the effects of the coronavirus pandemic—the real estate sector in Dallas is having a ‘gold rush’ moment.Inventory is down, demand is extremely high, and home prices are rising steadily.

Despite its increasing prices, Dallas continues to be relatively affordable compared to the rest of the country.Combine that with the city’s healthy economy, and it instantly becomes an attractive destination for people looking to move here from other cities.

Here’s what’s interesting: determined buyers are not giving up on buying their dream home in the city. They know that seizing the opportunity to buy a home is better than waiting for the prices to come down to pre-pandemic levels.

The Best Time to Buy a House in Dallas

They say there’s no time like the present, but the present moment doesn’t work for everyone. Not everyone is searching for the same things, and every buyer has different expectations and preferences when they’re looking for a new home.

If you’re weighing your options or simply trying a ‘wait and see’ approach to buying a home in Dallas, then here are a few points to keep in mind for every season:

Buying a Home in the Spring

The housing market sees an influx of new properties in the spring, making it the right time to start your search. If the seller has been diligent about their landscaping and lawn maintenance, your future house is likely to be a treat for the eyes.

Buying a Home in the Summer

Summer is when the highest number of properties end up on the market, giving you a greater variety to choose from and more options to consider. Families prefer moving in the summer because it causes no disruptions to schooling and education.

Selling your own home will also be easier in the summer.

Buying a Home in the Fall

Since most people have already bought a home in the summer months, fall brings with it fewer buyers and decreased competition. Even if the inventory isn’t as great as it was a few months before, the prices will now be more reasonable.

Buying a Home in the Winter

Home prices are typically at their lowest in the winter months. Sellers are generally hoping for a quick sale, reducing any potential back-and-forth and prolonged negotiations.

The market is cooler in the winter—pun intended—which means that you’ll be seeing low inventory.

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The Most Popular Areas in Dallas

These are the hottest and most in-demand areas in Dallas at the moment:

1. Bishop Arts

People looking for Bishop Arts homes for sale are drawn to the area’s eclectic appeal, with colorful murals and a wide variety of shopping and dining options. As any Bishop Arts Realtor can tell you, the neighborhood has come a long way from its 1920s origins and the slump it faced starting in the 1960s.

2. The Cedars

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dallas, there’s more to this area than The Cedars condos for sale. The area underwent a fascinating riches-to-rags transformation before emerging its current form as a revitalized hotspot for creatives and culture enthusiasts.

Today, The Cedars is hardly recognizable as the area that was once abandoned by its wealthy residents in favor of North and East Dallas. But as any The Cedars Realtor will remind you, there’s plenty to look forward to for homeowners here.

3. Deep Ellum

Many buyers who look up Deep Ellum homes for sale do it because they love the neighborhood’s music scene. It’s the go-to spot for music fans, with concert venues and live performances aplenty.

No mention of Deep Ellum can be complete without discussing its eye-catching murals. The area has a relationship with street art that goes back decades, with murals being commissioned by the city’s administration and many local businesses.

4. Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas Realtors enjoy pointing out the massive growth that has taken place in the area over the last two decades.Downtown Dallas homes for sale are highly sought after by people working in the central business district and looking for a shorter commute.

There are plenty of high-rise Downtown Dallas condos for sale as well, being built to accommodate the ever-increasing number of people living here permanently.

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5. Highland Park

Highland Park is one of the richest places in the country and the wealthiest town in Texas, making Highland Park homes for sale the first choice of affluent buyers.

In line with the upscale feel and high-quality housing, home prices in Highland Park tend to be significantly higher than elsewhere in the state.

6. North Dallas

North Dallas is an expansive area, with more than 27 neighborhoods being categorized as a part of the actual North Dallas, and more than 37 are a part of the Far North Dallas. North Dallas homes for sale offer a more tranquil environment compared to the rest of the city.

The Love Field airport is located in North Dallas.

7. Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn homes for sale are popular with buyers who want to own a home in an urban neighborhood. There’s no shortage of single-family units here, but the area is dominated by apartments, condos, and townhouses.

Oak Lawn is also an extremely LGBT-friendly neighborhood, with many gay clubs and gay bars located in the area. It’s been dubbed a ‘gayborhood’ for its LGBT-friendly environment, and it has helped the city be recognized at the state level for diversity and inclusion.

8. Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow is known for its large homes. Incredibly serene and with an emphasis on natural beauty, Preston Hollow homes for sale are great for anyone looking to get away from the busy living of the city without moving out of the city itself.

The bigger lot sizes in Preston Hollow give its homeowners more privacy, and greater freedom when it comes to renovating or remodeling their home.

9. Trinity Groves

Known all over the country for its dining options, Trinity Groves is the ideal place for foodie homeowners. Trinity Groves homes for sale offer easy access to a tempting range of restaurants, cafés, bars, and a variety of eateries boasting cuisines from around the world.

The neighborhood has an extremely urban vibe, and is buzzing with activity at night.

10. Uptown Dallas

Uptown Dallas is a hit with millennial tenants and homeowners. The neighborhood emphasizes mixed-use development, and Uptown Dallas homes for sale tend to be in close proximity to businesses and commercial high-rises.

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Make Your Search Easier

Regardless of the time of year or the neighborhood you want to move to, there are steps you can take to simplify your search for a new home in Dallas:

1. Know What You Want

Any real estate agent worth their salt will discuss your requirements before they present you with options. You can save your time—as well as the agent’s—by doing a bit of research ahead of time, clarifying your goals, and figuring out exactly which kind of house you want.

2. Choose the Properties

When you have a clear idea of your budget and financing options, start looking up some properties online to get an idea of the current prices. The more you know before, the easier your buying experience will be.

3. Consider Getting Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for financing can help you save time. If you’re pre-approved and find your dream home, you’ll able to make an offer for it much faster than other buyers. It shows the seller that you’re serious about buying and have done the work necessary to ensure a smooth sale.

4. Choose the Right Realtor

Choosing a Dallas Realtor is the most important decision you’ll make as a buyer. Having the right real estate agent on your side in this red-hot seller’s market can make a world of difference.

When you’re picking your agent, consider their knowledge, expertise, experience, and the kindof customer service that you receive.

5. Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t automatically mean that your home will be purchased quickly. Don’t delay starting the selling process. Give your home the minor touch-ups and improvements it needs, and get it listed early.

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Why Work with Dallas Contemporary Homes?

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The Dallas housing market continues to be extremely lucrative for sellers. Property prices are rising, new homes are in short supply, and buyers have their work cut out for them. But that doesn’t mean you should rule out owning a home here and enjoying the benefits it brings.

A hassle-free buying experience is within your reach. Contact Dallas Contemporary Homes, and let us do the hard work of finding a home for you that isn’t just right, but perfect.

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