So you just moved into a new Lakewood home! Congrats!

Now you're probably busy decorating the house and probably can't wait to start inviting people over. But before you call all your friends to a housewarming party, there are a few things to know, and this guide will help you make sure the party is as memorable as possible for everyone involved.

friends get together at housewarming

What's Housewarming?

A housewarming party is a get-together you throw for your new neighbors and old friends to welcome them to your new home.  Usually, you'll have a theme for the party, and everyone will bring gifts or food for your new home. You can have it inside your home or in your backyard. This party is also the perfect time to introduce your friends and neighbors to everyone else in your neighborhood. You can learn about their interests, how they like to spend their free time and ask them what kind of activities they like to be involved in besides fishing. And you'll get a chance to get to know each other's families so you can get better acquainted with each other.


When should I throw my housewarming party?

A good time to throw your party is when you've comfortably settled in your new home after your move. It's good to give yourself time to adjust and settle in before you make a big move like throwing a party, and it's also the perfect excuse to tell your friends and family why you haven't been in touch; we've been fixing up!


Plan A Budget

Depending on how lavish you want your party to be, you should plan a budget. This will help prevent you from overspending and regretting it later.


Prepare Your House

Make sure to clean, clean, clean! This will be the first impression on guests who come to your housewarming party. Make sure to tidy up any clutter or trash. Make sure the tablecloths are ironed or starched, and that you have enough of them! Check if the oven works properly and if your grill is in good condition.


Planning the Party

Make sure to plan early for your housewarming party. Find out when all your invitees are available to come or if their schedules conflict with when you were hoping to have the housewarming party.

haloween party

Choose A Theme For Your Housewarming

If you want your housewarming to be as memorable as possible, consider throwing a themed party. It can be as simple as making a certain color the theme, or you may want to bring in themed foods and decorations.  Many people like to throw a themed party for their housewarming, and it's something fun for everyone involved.

Planning a theme party could be a fun idea but one that might need time for setting up. But with Halloween just around the corner, you can consider merging your two get-togethers. How about a party with some Halloween decorations and some Halloween-themed food and drinks. By doing this, you'll be able to combine both the holiday and your housewarming!

If you'd like to keep the theme simple, you can also try throwing a backyard barbeque party.


Get The Food And Drinks Ready

If you're throwing a theme party, there are some things you'll need to make sure you have on hand. Snacks and food might be the most important item on that list. You may want to consider arranging some housewarming snacks like chips and dip or brownies. You can also make some sandwiches or prepackaged food.  If you want to make the food look more appealing, you can light some candles and place them on the table to add some ambiance or have flaming drinks for everyone to enjoy. You can also include drinks like juice for the kids or beer for adults.  You can even ask your friends to get some food and snacks to help you out.

 food party

Manage The Guest List

If you're planning a get-together with friends and neighbors, you may be wondering what the ideal number of guests to invite would be. This can be a tricky question to answer. Everyone's idea of an ideal guest list is different, but one thing that will help you choose the number of people is the size of your living space.

If your home is small, you may want to limit it to just a few more people than you would call to hang out. If it's spacious, then call as many people as you want over! Also think about how many people you can host. It's best to stick to close friends, relatives, and a few neighbors if you're just settling in.

Expect To Give A Tour Of Your Lakewood Home

Now that you've gotten people to come to your party, it's time for them to see your house. Offer a tour of the inside so everyone can take a good look around, and maybe they'll even offer some tips on what you can do with the space. 


Plan Some Activities

If you've called your friends and family over for more than just a meal and chat, then it's best to plan some activities so that everyone can have a good time. If you're throwing a party in the backyard, you might want to have a bonfire or a pool party or something that everyone can be involved in.



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