It's no secret that buying a house is a major life milestone. You'll be staying in the same place for the next 15-20 years of your life, and a house that doesn't fit your needs or has multiple issues can make your life difficult. Most people prefer getting a home inspection to ensure that their chosen contemporary home in Dallas, TX, has no underlying issues. However, there are a few things that you can check out on your own.


This blog discusses things to look out for when viewing a house for the first time. These things can make or break your deal, so we recommend that you check everything thoroughly.


A contemporary house with a swimming pool

Do the Walls Have Dampness?

Do you know that moisture trapped inside the walls can lead to many respiratory diseases? However, that's not all! It also increases the risk of mold growth and pest infestation. Therefore, while visiting a house for the first time, we recommend keeping your eyes and nose open for any signs of moisture.


You can look for signs like a musty smell, cracked or peeling wallpapers, discoloration on the ceiling or walls, or dark patches on the walls. These signs suggest that the house has structure and ventilation issues, trapping moisture inside the building. Getting rid of the moisture requires a lot of money and time; therefore, a house with damp walls is not worth purchasing.

Which Way Does the House Face?

Do you want to benefit from maximum sunlight during the daytime? If yes, you should consider the direction of the house before making an offer. South-facing houses get the highest amount of sunlight during the summer months, making them the most popular houses. On the other hand, North-facing houses get less sunlight as the house faces away from the sun.

Are the Rooms Spacious Enough?

Do you have many family members and are looking for a house with multiple rooms? That's great, but you should also ensure that the rooms aren't small and cramped. Some home sellers try to put small furniture in a room to make it look bigger, but you should measure the room using a tape measure. If you own large-sized furniture, you need a home with spacious rooms.


Do the Windows Work Properly?

Another essential element to consider in every house is the windows. Windows are responsible for letting in air and sunlight in the house. Therefore, we urge you to run a hand down the window to notice if it has any condensation. If you can feel condensation, the windows have bad insulation, and you'll need to spend some money to save energy. In addition, windows with cracked and rotten frames indicate poor maintenance and costly repairs.

Can You Make Changes in the House?

Do you renovate your houses regularly to match the market trends? If yes, we urge looking for the remodeling potential in a house on the first visit. Moreover, you should also check if you can extend the property or make changes to the exterior if needed.

Are the Electrical Appliances Working Fine?

When viewing a house for the first time, it's important that you check if the electrical appliances are working properly. Try all the switches to ensure that the light bulbs and the sockets work correctly. In addition, we also recommend checking kitchen appliances like the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven.


You should also be on the lookout for any broken or exposed wires. These wires indicate that the house isn't well-maintained, and it might have other underlying electrical issues. Remember, replacing all the circuits, wires, and sockets costs a lot; checking their condition beforehand is the smarter option.


Is the Plumbing in Working Condition?

On the first visit to the house, check if the plumbing is up to the mark. Check the pipes and see if they have any visible cracks or tears. You can also run the taps and try the flushes to check the water pressure around the house.


In addition, ensure that the heater is working correctly. We also recommend checking under the sinks, especially the kitchen sink, to see if it remains dry. Plumbing issues can be a huge nightmare, and it's better to avoid buying a house where you would have to hire a professional to deal with plumbing issues.

Is the House Energy-Efficient?

The average carbon footprint of an American citizen is 16 tons, which is way more than that of the rest of the world, which is 4 tons. Therefore, when you're viewing a house, we recommend checking if it has features that save more energy and reduce your carbon footprint.


Ensure that the walls offer sufficient insulation and the windows have double-glazed glasses. Both regulate the indoor temperature while helping you cut down on bills and saving the planet. In addition, a house with energy-efficient appliances like LED bulbs, solar panels, or turbines is a plus!

Does the House Offer Maximum Security?

When you're viewing a house for the first time, we urge you to check the level of security the house offers. Ensure that the exterior walls don't have any footholds or supports that allow intruders to enter the house by climbing the walls.


In addition, the front yard should be visible to the passers-by in the street, and the windows and doors should have highly-secure locks. A house with CCTV cameras also offers added protection, especially if you're concerned about security.


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