Looking to buy a contemporary modern home in Dallas, but don’t have endless resources? At Dallas Contemporary Homes, we are all about making your home buying experience with us simple, convenient, and easy. That starts with helping you narrow down your search for your next home!


If you’re looking for the best places to find an affordable modern home in Dallas, here’s where we recommend you start. We’ve included links below so you can browse all the latest listings in these neighborhoods. If you see a home you’d like more information about or have questions, please give us a call! 

Entry Level Contemporary Modern Condos and Townhomes in the Dallas Area

If you’re just getting into your first home or would prefer a smaller space with less upkeep, you can find many contemporary modern condos or townhomes available in the following three Dallas area neighborhoods:


  1. Uptown
  2. Oak Lawn
  3. Trinity Groves


While each of these three neighborhoods have their own unique charm and features (click their names above to learn more), this is where we recommend to start your search if your budget is about $250,000-400,000. At that price, you can usually find a 2-bedroom condo or townhome. As of this writing in spring of 2021, you can find a condo listed at between $250,000-$350,000 and a townhome listed at $325,000 and up. The more you have to spend, the bigger and newer of a unit you can buy. 


The market really starts to open up at the $475,000+ price point. This is where you’ll see higher quality build materials, super functional floor plans, lots of natural lighting, a rooftop deck, smart features, larger garage, better parking, etc. 

Entry Level Contemporary Modern Homes in the Dallas Area 

If you have your heart set on a single-family home with a backyard though, you’re going to want to concentrate your search in the following areas:


  1. Midway Hollow
  2. North Dallas
  3. Bluffview
  4. Bishop Arts
  5. Lower Greenville
  6. Lakewood


Buying a home will definitely cost you more than purchasing a condo or townhome, but single-family homes have their own advantages such as larger outdoor spaces and more control over the design of the property. 


The neighborhoods listed above are the most affordable places to find contemporary modern homes in the Dallas area. You will sometimes see homes listed for as low as $650,000, but the median price point for contemporary homes in these areas is $750,000 and up. At that price, you’re usually looking at a home that has at least 3 beds, 2 baths, and 2200-2500 square feet of living space. Smart home features will be standard in this range. Depending on the builder, higher-grade materials may or may not be present. 

Have questions about buying a home in Dallas? Ready to take the next steps to make your purchase a reality? Reach out to us for your free, no-obligation consultation!