Interested in buying a beautiful Contemporary Modern Home in Dallas? Before you can sign the closing documents and pick up the keys, there are a few steps you need to take first to get you on your way to owning the Dallas home of your dreams.


-Get Pre-Approved

At Dallas Contemporary Homes, we want to help you make your home purchase easy and efficient. To start, we always recommend getting pre-approved for a loan. As long as your financial situation or credit score doesn’t change, your loan should be approved once you’re in escrow. Your lender will verify your employment, income, and credit in order to let you know how much you are pre-approved for. This also gives you an idea of your top-end budget. Knowing this number will allow you to set a comfortable budget for yourself and make sure you’re not wasting time seeing homes that are out of your price range.


We work with a fantastic lender over at LendFriend - click here to start the pre-approval process!



-Freeze Any Planned Big Purchases Until After Closing

A Contemporary Modern Home in Dallas is a big expense. Make sure you keep the home buying process smooth by freezing any other big purchases until after closing. A big purchase can negatively impact your credit score or even jeopardize your pre-approval. Hold off on buying things like cars, boats, RVs, top-of-the-line televisions, and furniture until after you’ve closed on your new home. When in doubt, just wait until after closing to make that purchase!



-Create a Wishlist of What You'd Like in Your Home

Knowing you want to buy a Contemporary Modern Home is a great first step, but Dallas homes offer a lot of variety. From location to neighborhood to amenities, creating a wishlist of must-haves and nice-to-haves before starting your home search is key. This will make it easy for us to show you houses that meet your requirements and keep you from seeing a bunch of homes you don’t like. We want to help you find the perfect home fast and drilling down to decide what you really want upfront will help us save you time and energy.


-Hire a Dallas Buyer's Agent

The Dallas housing market is unique. Working with a great Dallas Buyer’s Agent who knows the area and can help guide you to a great buying will save you time and ultimately, money. Many prospective buyers think they can handle buying a home on their own, but it doesn’t cost you anything to work with your own agent and you have someone who can advocate for you during negotiations. 


If you are looking for an agent to represent you in the purchase of your Dallas contemporary modern home, we would love to work with you. Reach out to us today!


-Narrow Down Neighborhoods/Communities

Location is key. Knowing which neighborhoods and communities you’re interested in will keep your home search efficient. With so many Contemporary Modern Homes in the Dallas area, it’s important you do a little bit of research to narrow down your search before you start seeing home. We recently put together a guide to the best neighborhoods for Dallas Contemporary Modern Homes - click here to check it out!


-Start Your Search

Once you’ve set your budget, decided what you must have in your new Contemporary Modern Home, and narrowed down where you want to live, it’s time to start your search! We have all the latest Contemporary Modern Home listings available on our site here. If you’re not quite sure if a Contemporary Modern Home is right for you, you can search the entire inventory of available properties in the DFW area here.


-Make an Offer

After you find the perfect home, it’s time to make an offer. This process is always stressful, but you can reduce your stress by getting pre-approved and hiring a great agent to represent you. We will help you craft a winning offer that stands out to the seller and support you through the entire purchase process. Once your offer is made, accepted, and escrow is closed, you’ll have bought your very own Contemporary Modern Home in Dallas! 



Want some help finding your new dream home? Give us a call at (903) 664-5908 so we can help find the best home in Dallas for you!