Why Choose Dallas Contemporary Homes? 


Who is Rawlins Goldston?

As the leader of Dallas Contemporary Homes, I pride myself on delivering exceptional experiences to my clients. 

Having been in high level sales for many years, I am very in touch with what buyers and sellers look for in a business transaction. Sales in general involves many moving pieces, and real estate transactions are especially complex.

That being said, I’ve learned through the years that clients simply want to be informed about what’s going on and have an agent they feel they can trust. Communication between the agent and the client is so often where the ball is dropped. That’s an area where I pride myself on being great.  

When you do business with Dallas Contemporary Homes, I want you to feel valued and important. Whether it’s your first real estate transaction or your 10th, my goal is to make sure that your time is used in the most efficient manner possible, and that you obtain the results you want with minimal hassle. 

Collectively between the DCH team, there are literally DECADES of experience and 1000's of real estate sales transactions completed! Allow us to put those skills to work for you, so you can experience exceptional service and receive exceptional results!

Your Dallas Contemporary Home: Bought and Sold, Fast & Simple. PERIOD



When you're ready then connect with us, and tell us how we can help you achieve your real estate related goals!